Gamal el-Segeini
About Artists :
Gamal el-Sigini (1917-1977) Egypt's prominent sculptor; belongs to the second generation of modern Egyptian art. Painter and draughtsman, he also produced concave and convex reliefs on beaten brass with hitherto unparalleled skill. Introduced empty spaces into the sculpted block, and always expressed a nationalist and Arab sentiment which had a profound influence on all his accomplishments. An Expressionist who adored the textures of surfaces, he always dreamed of creating sculptures for public squares; however, unfavorable circumstances prevented him from realizing this dream. Among his most famous statues is a bust of President Nasser, where he achieved a successful mix of Impressionism and Expressionism; his bust of Sayed Darwish enjoys a similar combination, where the influence of Maillol and Rodin can be discerned. His famous statue, motherhood, has remained a reference and a model for beauty of posture in the way the Egyptian peasant woman is seated.
Artists CV
(1917-1977) Education -Diploma from the School of Fine Arts in Cairo, 1938. Solo exhibitions -Since he marked the premier of his solo exhibitions in 1941, he had cut the ribbon of six shows. -The Czech Cultural Centre in Cairo, 1969. -Retrospective of el-Segini, Extra art gallery in Zamalek, 1996. -Retrospective of el-Segini, Safar Khan art gallery, Zamalek, Cairo, 1999. National exhibitions -He made his debut in national exhibitions in the country in 1942. International exhibitions -Moscow International Exhibition, 1957. -Art exhibition, Brussels, 1958. -El-Segini’s work was also on display in Venice Biennale, China, the Exhibition of Applied Art and traveling exhibition in Europe. -Retrospective of el-Segini in Spain, 1977. National Award -The Mukhtar Award (named after great sculptor Mahmoud Mukhtar), 1937. -The prize for sculpture, Alexandria Biennale, 1955. -The prize for making the statue of poet Ahmed Shawky. -He won the competition for designing a mural commemorating the martyrs in Port Said war, 1964. International Award -The prize plus the gold medal, Moscow’s First Exhibition, 1956. -The gold medal, Moscow Exhibition, 1957. -The gold medal, Brussels Exhibition, 1958. -The State Prize of Encouragement, Egypt, 1962. -The Medal of Sciences and Art, 1962. -The Italian State Medal. -The Award of Revolution Exhibition in Egypt, 1955. -The Egyptian State Medal (first class) for Sciences and Art. Acquisition -The Museum of Egyptian Modern Art in Cairo and Alexandria. -Art Museum in Port Said. -Pushkin art museum in Moscow. -Art museum in Beijing. -Art lovers in Egypt and European countries.
work name Motherhood
Properties Bronze 34 x 37 x 27 cm